Kill up to 99.96 per cent of germs in your washroom by using a Sterillo Hand Dryer or Sterillo UNO sanitiser which could help prevent the next flu or norovirus epidemic at work

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  • Infections can last for weeks that are caused by bacteria
  • Flu viruses can be caught from multiple surfaces such as door handles and taps
  • Germs can be virtually eliminated by installing a Sterillo sanitiser
  • All smells eradicated or money back

image1Recent studies show that airborne germs that include flu and norovirus spread faster in washroom areas than anywhere else. Flu and Norovirus are two of the most common reasons for sickness in the workplace, meaning that it is essential for employers to put measures in place to try and reduce the risk.

Infections such as the flu that are caused by VIRUS can last for days or even weeks outside of the body and on surfaces such as door handles, so it is essential to try and eliminate them at the root cause. As you are often in a confined space with colleagues in the workplace it can be often be the causes of viruses spreading but a washroom is the primary area due to all the germs emitted into the air and inhaled or ingested via eyes mouth and nose.

Handy Dryers are a leading supplier of the multi-functional Sterillo which are scientifically proven to kill 99.96% of germs*. They have been tested by Public Health England (an Executive Agency of the Department of Health); the results proved that they could kill the majority of germs in two hours. Take a look at the report here.

The Sterillo sanitisers have the ability to kill most bacteria, viruses and mould from the air and many surfaces, such as door handles and taps which are one the main causes of infections spreading in the workplace.

The sanitiser uses advanced technologies to ensure that the air and surrounding surfaces are purified which are:

  • Germicidal Irradiation: This kills mirco-organisms by disrupting their DNA and prevents them from reproducing.
  • Dual Waveband UV: This transforms oxygen into a reactive state. Within this process, Superoxide Ions and Hydroxyl Radicals are produced. The Superoxide Ions electrically charge the air contaminates which causes them to form clusters and remove the air and aid other processes.
  • Triatomic Oxygen (Ozone): This is produced in a catalyst in the lamp and eliminates bacteria and viruses in the air that passes through it.

The above work together to purify the air for a 10m2 to 35m2 area.

Handydryers recently had a project at The Dorchester and their Area Purchasing Manager said “The units have made a huge difference to the atmosphere, there are now no unpleasant odours at all.” As the air is purified it removes any odours that are common in washrooms.

By simply installing the Sterillo hand dryers or sanitisers into washrooms, employers can reduce the risk of flu in the workplace, reducing in sickness rates decreasing.

 “The Sterillo is a game changer and prevents ever needing to spray air fresheners to disguise washroom smells again.  No more forest fresh smelling bacteria! Just clean, pure air.” Steve Levy

Handy Dryers are a Carbon Trust accredited supplier who have multiple Sterillo sanitisers available. They demand better performance, lower energy consumption, enhanced features and cheap operating costs.

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