HM49TEAL's Hygienius MediWashsmallAs we enter winter and the weather turns cooler, it is more important than ever to familiarise staff, patients, and visitors with the NHS’ seven, simple, hand washing steps to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses.

Noses carry millions of bacteria, but many are unaware that up to 50 per cent of all people carry the potentially harmful staphylococcus bacteria which makes sneezing and the blowing of noses one of the easiest ways for germs to run riot.

The best preventative measure to combat illnesses from the common cold to norovirus – is proper hand washing. Manty Stanley, managing director at TEAL Patents, says: “As it’s the season to sneeze, it is vital that everyone, staff, patients, and visitors alike, know the dangers of not thoroughly washing hands after sneezing or blowing the nose. Medical organisations must take the initiative and give people better access to washing facilities this winter.

“By making TEAL units available, hospitals will allow everyone to enjoy the gold standard of hand hygiene – washing hands thoroughly with soap under hot, running water.

“TEAL has worked with medical organisations for over 15 years. We’re trying to ensure that everyone in a hospital environment is germ-free and able to enjoy the Christmas season without the threat of catching a common illness such as a cold or the potentially deadly influenza.”

TEAL Patents is the leading manufacturer of portable, hot water, hand wash units which require no access to mains water or drainage. Having worked in partnership with healthcare organisations and NHS infection control departments for over 15 years, TEAL has developed a range of units to meet medical environments’ specific requirements.

TEAL’s newest model, the Hygienius MediWash, has been designed with NHS infection control professionals to ensure it meets their needs. Built to educate and encourage the correct hand washing procedures, the unit features a synchronised video display which takes users through the seven, hand-rubbing actions as specified by NHS guidelines.

Touch-free and fully automatic, the device has no levers or taps to re-infect hands. Pathogen-safe, the Hygienius MediWash, has a simple hygiene cycle using 500 ppm chlorine every 24 hours.

The MediWash, is just one of a range of solutions available from TEAL. All models, purchased or hired, can be delivered across mainland UK within 24 hours.

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