HM12 SunTech MedicalsmallThe CT40 spot-check device from blood pressure (BP) monitoring specialist SunTech Medical has received third-party validation for blood pressure performance. This is as specified by the British Hypertension Society and the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation/ International Organisation for Standardisation.

The SunTech CT40 provides clinical-grade, automated spot-check measurements of BP and other vital signs for patients in hospitals, clinics, ambulatory care, long-term care, and low-acuity hospital departments. A modular design allows clinicians to easily customise the device in the field; adding thermometry, Sp02 and Wi-Fi based on the unique needs of the patient and facility.

The study, conducted independently by Dr. Hernan Polo Fritz and the staff at Vimercate Hospital (Vimercate, Italy) determined that the CT40 achieved an A/A grade according to the 1993 BHS protocol. It fulfilled requirements set by the AAMI/ ISO standard 81060-2:2013. The study confirmed the accuracy of oscillometric BP measurements taken by the CT40, and recommend it for BP measurement in adults.

“This study validates the accuracy and reliability of our BP technology,” says SunTech Medical president Rob Sweitzer. “We are proud that our CT40 has received a third-party validation for both BHS and AAMI/ ISO standards.”

Full study results was due to be published in the October issue of the Journal Blood Pressure Monitoring, and on the journal’s website here.

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