bardimagesmallNICE has developed a medtech innovation briefing (MIB) on the ARCTIC SUN 5000 Temperature management System.

The ARCTIC SUN 5000 Temperature management system is a non-invasive system for controlling and monitoring body temperature within the range of 32°C to 38.5°C. It is intended for use in adults who are comatose after sudden cardiac arrest in or out of hospital, with the aim of inducing mild hypothermia to reduce brain injury and improve neurological outcomes.

The innovative aspects are that it is less invasive than endovascular systems and is designed to cool more efficiently than conventional external methods because of the adhesive, repositionable gel pads it uses. It works by adjusting the water temperature in the gel pads every two minutes in response to the patient’s body temperature, which is constantly monitored using a probe.

HM11 Bard - LogoThe MIB provides a description of the ARCTIC SUN 5000 Temperature management system, including its likely place in therapy, the costs of using the technology and a critical review of the relevant published evidence. It provides objective information on ARCTIC SUN 5000 Temperature management system to aid local decision-making by clinicians, managers, and procurement professionals. MIBs are commissioned by NHS England and produced in support of the NHS Five Year Forward View, specifically as one of several steps which will accelerate innovation in new treatments and diagnostics.

The MIB has been published online, click here.

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