A snip of the blue ribbon marked the official opening of Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s new endoscope reprocessing facility. The installation is the first in the UK of Olympus’ ETD Double.

Ribbon cutting by Sandra Barnes, deputy decontamination manger
Ribbon cutting by Sandra Barnes, deputy decontamination manger

Speaking to the trust and Olympus project team, Wendy Swift, chief executive, said: “Thanks for all your hard work in getting us here today. We like to be involved in firsts. It’s another first for the trust and a first for Olympus.

“Two years ago, we talked about a new central unit. It’s worked well. Thank you to everyone who’s been involved.”

Gareth Walsh, director of medical and surgical business and member of the Olympus board, said: “You should be really proud of what you have achieved here. The UK leads the way in endoscope decontamination across Europe. You have the latest equipment here.

The Trust and Olympus team at the official opening of the new facility
The Trust and Olympus team at the official opening of the new facility

“Olympus have been involved in endoscopy and decontamination for a long time. We haven’t had something that met UK requirements. We now have and this is the first installation. “It’s been a wholehearted partnership. The team have worked really well together – the team from Olympus and the team here in Blackpool.”

Rakesh Javer, CDS national sales specialist, Olympus, explained: “When I was asked to make a technical presentation on our new equipment, there was a serious grilling from Stan (Stan Graham, the trust’s AP) and 40 questions.

“The reference site in Germany was an opportunity to get to grips with the machine. And Stan did that. He was virtually taking the machine to pieces.

“In Spring 2016 the decision was made to look at central decontamination. We said: ‘we can do it’. We met over 20 times. The stakeholders from Blackpool were always looking for the best for the hospital and their patients.

Olympus’ ETD Double reprocesses up to three scopes in under 39 minutes depending on the water pressure and temperature. With the Olympus “turnkey” offer pre-installation requisites are secured to achieve this
Olympus’ ETD Double reprocesses up to three scopes in under 39 minutes depending on the water pressure and temperature. With the Olympus “turnkey” offer pre-installation requisites are secured to achieve this

“In October 2016, we were advised that we were chosen as the preferred supplier.”

Following an impressive time-lapse video of the installation of the four Olympus ETD Double endoscope washer-disinfectors, Rakesh added: “Thank you Blackpool for having the vision to select our technology.”

Keri Graham, project manager-capital projects, said: “There was close collaborative working with the hospital. We shared our vision with the staff during a tour of the intended areas.

“There were tons of collaboration with the Olympus team, through some downs but many ups. We have a great new unit. A very good space to work in.”

Colleen Clegg, who was endoscope decontamination service manager and now directorate manager cardiac, explained: “The old machines were really at the end of their life at the three decontamination facilities across the trust. It became apparent that we needed to look at the challenges. We identified a location and wrote the business case.

“If we centralised less machines would be required. There’d be no disruption to current service. There would have been an impact if we had upgraded the existing facilities. I’m very proud of what we have achieved.”

Clare Lester, gastro unit nurse manager, explained: “I was keen to get involved from the start. As the project moved along, I was asked to manage the new unit and to pull together the team to run it. Their resilience and determination has won my admiration. They drove the service. We have a safe, efficient service for the users in the trust.”

HM66EOn a tour of the impressive new facility, Stan Graham, decontamination AP, told Hospital Matters: “Five people from the trust went to see the installation at the reference site. There was one representative from each area. They were asking user questions. I was asking about the machines.

“Myself, Colleen Clegg, and Lucy Currie, directorate manager specialist medicine, put the business case together and scored it. It went to NHS Supply Chain, who complemented us on the analysis.”

Stan said: “The capital project has worked really well. The decision to use Olympus was based on the quality of the product.

“The ETD Double cleans three scopes in each cycle, with one lot of chemicals, one RO, one electric. That’s less maintenance, less validation and service costs are lower. It’s cheaper to run over five years.

HM66F“It would have required eight machines from two of the other manufacturers we were considering, as their machines processed a single scope per cycle.

“The unit’s been operational since May. The Olympus machines have been very reliable.”

Stan added: “The various departments now have increased space to treat patients and the new EDU is accommodated within a previously unused site with the benefit that it’s a centralised point within the hospital adjacent to sterile services.”

Identifying challenges which the hospital was facing with its current facilities Olympus provided:

HM66Dsmall• Throughput/Capacity
Centralising services required a product that can speed up the decontamination process. The ETD Double can reprocess up to three endoscopes in under 39 minutes.

• Small footprint
The small footprint of the ETD Double allows space for future expansion.

• Reliability
The AE(D) confirmed that all tests required by the ISO 15883 standard and UK local guidelines HTM 01-06 were achieved.

• Project management
Olympus provided a complete, cost-effective, bespoke solution – including room designing, building, planning, third-party products, and ongoing support.

• Service
Olympus is providing 24-hour support, seven days a week, through its service engineering contract.

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