In the acute healthcare environment, the fundamental requirement of any nurse call system is that it provides dependable and fast call notification to staff. Reliability with ‘wired’ systems is well established. ‘Wireless’ solutions, which are increasing in popularity due to cost savings associated with ease of installation, are still however viewed by some with a level of scepticism.

To help address concerns, Static Systems’ in-house technical teams have developed ‘SmartSync™’, a technology which is incorporated into the company’s Aspire SmartSync™ wireless system.

SmartSync™ synchronizes all devices to within 2 milliseconds. This substantially reduces the time a nurse call device is required to remain awake to ensure a message is not missed. And because a device is allowed to sleep for longer – only waking up at the precise moment when other devices will be sending messages to it and then immediately going back to sleep – power consumption is significantly reduced.

This presents opportunities for meaningful product improvements and a reduction in life-time costs.

For example, an Aspire SmartSync™ system which is fully HTM 08-03 compliant uses truly wireless over door and follow lights, powered by standard Alkaline AA batteries. SmartSync™ technology also ensures call annunciation times are fast and comparable with ‘wired’ systems.

‘Two-way’ health checking provides notification within a matter of seconds if a device is taken out of range or a hand unit unplugged. It also ensures the reassurance LED on a call unit only illuminates once the message has been received by the system and confirmed back to the originating device; giving reliable reassurance to the patient.

Any number and combination of annunciators (7” LCD indicator and 15.6” display) can be connected to a system to suit user preference, viewing environment and budget. Notifications are displayed on all annunciators instantly and simultaneously. Annunciators also operate independent of over door and follow lamps for increased system integrity.

Aspire SmartSync™ is part of the Fusion-IP family of nurse call systems. Whether ‘wireless’ or ‘wired’, system of operation is identical and components such as patient hand units, call buttons and over door units used for a ‘wireless’ system are the same as those used with ‘wired’ systems installed in the majority of UK hospitals.