Protective gloves are worn for two reasons: to reduce the chances of cross contamination and/or to protect the wearer from harm caused by exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Once the main reason for wearing protective gloves is established, there are many other characteristics which need to be considered including material, tactility, dexterity and shape.

In addition to these, glove length is a factor which is becoming increasingly important this is where the new Omega Nerva offers a solution. The traditional length of a glove used in a health care environment is 240mm/9.5” or 300mm/12”.

However, when handling hazardous chemicals in a laboratory environment the wearer should have the increased protection and reassurance from an extra length glove such as the Omega Nerva which measures 400mm/16” in length, ensuring the forearm is also covered and protected from the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.

Using a protective glove which is so much longer than the industry standard also reduces the risk of exposure for those working within a CSS department. The additional coverage up to the elbow coupled with a beaded cuff for a secure fit on the arm, ensures the skin between the gloves and the wearer’s garment does not become exposed.

Omega Nerva gloves are nitrile, ambidextrous, latex-free and dual certified conforming to Class I Medical Device and Category 3 Complex Design PPE and meet European Medical Gloves Standards EN455, EN420 and EN374. Available in blue (ONAB) and white (ONAW), in sizes XS to XXL and packed 100 pieces dispenser box. or e-mail