HM ParkinsonssmallFrom September 4, the 2018 UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network Awards are inviting entries from professionals whose teams offer exceptional support for people affected by Parkinson’s.

Applicants have until Friday 27 October to submit their entries, which should demonstrate extraordinary practice in one or more of the ‘areas for improvement’ that were highlighted in the most recent UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network Audit.

These include; ensuring access to a full multidisciplinary team, providing patient information, improving inpatient management, anticipatory care planning, managing falls and infections and establishing standardised assessments.

The Awards, which were launched last year, aim to recognise, and celebrate outstanding services that make a difference to people in the UK affected by Parkinson’s.

Daiga Heisters, vice-chair of the Excellence Network Awards committee, says: “During the last Awards, we were bowled over by the quality of services that entered. It was a privilege to shine a light on some exceptional professionals. Since then, it’s been fantastic to see how committed all the previous finalists have been in sharing their innovation with the Excellence Network, and this has motivated others to improve their practice locally.

“This time, we want to ensure we highlight practice that addresses the areas for improvement as identified in the most recently published Audit findings. These represent areas that are particularly challenging, but hearing from services that are making efforts to tackle these will help encourage others to take action.”

The inaugural award ceremony, held at the Positive Steps in Parkinson’s conference in Leicestershire in March, saw more than 40 applications whittled down to four winners and three highly commended entries, highlighting best practice that can be replicated in services across the UK.

Winning services included a host of multi-disciplinary services for people with Parkinson’s, such as a Quality Improvement Team improving medicines management in hospital, a Nurse-led Nursing Home service, a Regional Parkinson’s Service establishing a newly diagnosed patient pathway, and an Advanced Symptom Unit.

The UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network was established in 2015 by Parkinson’s UK, alongside leading clinicians, to drive improvements in Parkinson’s care. The Network aims to achieve consistent, high quality services for people with Parkinson’s in the UK by sharing evidence, training, tools to support best practice and opportunities for collaboration. It makes sure the views and experiences of people affected by this complex, long term, neurological condition is at the forefront of service improvement.

To enter or find out more about the Excellence Network Awards, please click here or follow the Network on twitter @ParkinsonsEN.