Triple-Zyme-5Lts-10LtsImagine, the benefit of having one detergent to accommodate all aspects of bio burden removal.

Imagine one detergent that will accommodate the automated washers, manual cleaning and the ultrasonic irrigator.

Imagine a store cupboard where you only carry one detergent product, a store cupboard that’s so rationalised that you have eliminated all unnecessary stock and expense.

Imagine the money saved on the occasional used stock going out of date and then you have the grief of the disposal of outdated stock.

Imagine a single detergent product that is neutral and accommodates all manufacturers cleaning instructs, a simple tick in the box where it states neutral or Enzymatic.

Imagine cleaning efficacy supplied at such a competitive cost that it will make the competition quake in their corporate boots Well imagine me no more…
Serchem would like to introduce TripleZyme multitiered Enzymatic Detergent to its already successful range of Decontamination detergents.

TripleZyme is;
Non foaming
Clear in solution for excellent visibility below the water line
It’s a neutral/ Enzymatic hybrid formulae
It’s competitively priced
Economical in use dilution
Use for automated, sonic and manual cleaning

Contact Serchem to find out more about this revolutionary step forward in cleaning technology Serchem continues to strive forward producing exciting new chemistries promoting cleaner safer instruments fit for the theatre environment.

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