Bringing home the bionector TKO self-administration set

Building on the success of Bionector TKO to minimise the risk of occlusion during IV therapy, Vygon has developed a new self-administration set (SAS) so that patients can self-medicate in their own homes.

For patients requiring IV antibiotics, the new 27cm self-administration set removes the need for a community nurse to connect up the medication to start the treatment and then to disconnect after the infusion. It also removes the need for outpatient visits to the hospital for the therapy.

The SAS can be used with any IV catheter and it has been specifically developed with the needs of Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotics Therapy (OPAT) teams in mind.
Developed in partnership with a Lead IV Nurse Specialist in the UK, the SAS is proving a great success at the hospital with both clinicians and patients.

The hospital had been using Bionector TKO for more than three years as part of an initiative to drive down catheter occlusions. The IV team was keen to broaden the use of technology for the self-administration of IV antibiotics across a variety of patient groups, from respiratory to cardiac.

The self-delivery of IV antibiotics for patients varies from 14 days through to several months. “We are always keen to work in partnership with customers to help them solve particular issues they may have and we were really keen to help the IV team,” explains Luke Rawlinson, Business Development Manager for Vygon.

“Seeing the new SAS in action and hearing about the difference it has made to the IV team and to patients is extremely satisfying. “We look forward to being able to share the benefits of the technology with other OPAT teams throughout the UK.”