Further features have been added to the quick and sensitive ProReveal fluorescence protein detection test that makes it easy to check the cleanliness of reprocessed instruments.

Protein Level Spike Readout on Measurement Details

peskettpic2On the measurement details dialog, you can now touch spots of contamination on the displayed image to show a localised readout of the mass detected for that spot. The readout appears for a few seconds then fades away. Very low contamination values are slightly “see-through,” to make important spots of high contamination easier to locate on the surgical instrument under test.

As each measurement is made, ProReveal can save a second copy to an external drive or network location, perhaps for use by other hospital data systems.

It can also generate a formatted report (CSV, TEXT, XML, PDF) or a single image file (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP) for each new measurement to an external drive or network location.

Enhanced report generation

The ProReveal can now generate a list of questions before each measurement. Entering text using the on-screen keyboard, or pressing a series of simple buttons, or by scanning barcodes, to provide much more extensive details of the wash process. You can identify the washer-disinfector, a sample location within the washer-disinfector, cleaning chemistries used, wash dosage and temperatures. The sterile service department manager can build a list of required questions that must be answered by the operator before the measurement can start.

Monitor history graph

The stored measurement data can now be analysed using the monitor history graph, revealing anomalies and trends in the data which may be compared against details of the wash process entered by the operator as above. New HTM 01:01 (Consultation Draft) The ProReveal is compatible with the new protein detection requirements of the draft HTM01:01, currently distributed for consultation.

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